Friday, June 04, 2010

The Meaning of David Cameron, reviewed

Thanks to Robert for this review of The Meaning of David Cameron:

In it's critique of the lurid PR and the accompanying empty venacular of 'change', 'progress' and 'newness' which saturates all party political discussion, Richard Seymour reveals far more and goes far deeper than most critical accounts of politics today. In examining David Cameron, Seymour finds the virus of neo-liberalism. It is as if, David Cameron has already been devoured. He is undead, a neo-liberal Zombie. Seymour's argument is that this isn't unique to Cameron. Whilst certain symptoms may differ from those we saw in Thatcherism and New Labour the same insatiable, dibilitationg virus remains. The book confirms that Nick Clegg, those Orange Book liberals and the ConLib coaltion, are, merely, the viruses new host.