Sunday, September 26, 2010

One person, one vote

"If you count her votes across Labour’s tripartite electoral college you will see that she actually came third and not last, as some have been extolling. This was not helped by the unfair weighting each MPs vote enjoyed with one MPs vote being equal to 608 party member votes or 12,915 affiliated members. Which brings me to another point that certain rightwing pundits are trying to fertilise and send forth and multiply, the idea that it is undemocratic for the voice of individual trade union members, already heavily outweighed by PLP and CLP votes, to determine who should lead the Labour party. Why shouldn’t the individual voices of ordinary voters decide this? This system that favours the PLP over the individual should be abolished in favour of one person, one vote."

Just a quick addendum. If there was one member one vote in the Labour Party, this is what the results would have looked like in the first round:

First Round

PLP CLP Unions Totals
Ed Miliband 84 37980
David Miliband 111
58191 114205
Diane Abbott 7 9314 25938 35259
Ed Balls 40 12831 21618 34489
Andy Burnham 24 10844 17904 28772