Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tomb notes

Just a few things to point out. First of all, you'll notice that in the sidebar, I have added the link to my Twitter page. Readers who use Twitter can follow my account, and get useful links as well as alerts when a new post appears on the Tomb. Secondly, I have added to a 'donate' link, using Paypal. I don't like to panhandle on the blog, but I am touched and surprised to report that without any prompt or advertising, a number of readers have already sent in a donation. So, thanks. I've noticed that threaten to commit online suicide every three months unless they receive another $100k, or some similar figure from readers. My overhead costs aren't as high as theirs, but I would still like to figure out a way to guilt trip readers into a similar feat. Thirdly, American readers have not been doing enough bulk-buying of my book. Now, bear in mind that I've been to New York and seen the kind of horseshit that they sell in Borders and so on. It is your duty to win the culture war against this vapidity, by purchasing at least ten copies of Liberal Defence and selling the surplus on steet corners. If you really need persuading, there is a cracking review in the latest International Socialist Review (as yet unavailable online for reasons that utterly mystify me).