Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Marxism 2009

The timetable for this year's Marxism festival is out, although still being updated. For anyone who wants to know, I will be speaking alongside playwright David Edgar on the topic of Left-Right defectors on Monday 6th July, 10am at the main hall in the Friends Meeting House. Now, I need 900 or so of you to buy tickets and show up that morning. And if you feel like 'spontaneously' delivering a standing ovation at the end, I won't be offended. Aside from that, there is a good line up to dissect every vital issue of the day. David Harvey will be introducing you to Capital, Tariq Ali will speak on the American Empire, and Gary Younge will explain the rise of Obama. John Bellamy Foster will talk about Marx and ecology, and there will be a speaker from France's Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste to talk about the exciting new party and its prospects. The excellent Paul Gilroy has a meeting on 'the state of black Britain', and Graham Turner will talk about the credit crunch. History enthusiasts would do well to drop in on Neil Faulkner discussing the Roman Empire, (you might see if he has any thoughts on Bryan Ward-Perkins' findings which would seem to challenge his thesis). On the culture front, Michael Rosen and Lowkey will celebrate the life and works of Adrian Mitchell, there will be a tribute to Harold Pinter, Nick Broomfield will introduce one of his documentaries, and there will be the now regular Cultures of Resistance gig. Oh, and there will be endless frivolity and frolicking on the grass around Bloomsbury.