Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Left Forum 2009

I'll be heading to New York tomorrow to participate in the Left Forum. If you're in the city, or within reasonable SUVing distance, I order you to attend. My two confirmed panels are as follows:

Liberalism, Imperialism & the Politics of Human Rights
Jacob Stevens (Chair)- Verso Books
Richard Seymour - author, "The Liberal Defense of Murder"
Samuel Moyn - History, Columbia University
John R. MacArthur - Publisher, Harper's
Sunday 19th April, 12-2pm

SCREENING: Malalai Joya: Enemies of Happiness
Women rights and the state of occupied Afghanistan
Post-screening discussion by
Derrick O'Keefe - Editor,
Richard Seymour - Author of "The Liberal Defense of Murder"
Saturday 18th April, 3-5pm

Otherwise I'll be around, cheerfully imposing myself on whoever doesn't see me coming.