Friday, January 30, 2009

Support the occupations.

I just got off the phone with some of the people who are occupying Nottingham University over the crisis in Gaza. There has been an effort to turf them out, with the power turned off (they got it back on after a while), and a couple of suits representing the Vice Chancellor visiting the occupation to threaten the students with disciplinary action. It is not entirely clear at the moment what the university can do, but given that other occupations have registered some success so far, one would hope for the students to prevail. 'Pete' explained to me what the students would like people to do:

"We have a petition that we are producing which we would like people to sign, so they should check the website for this. We would appreciate messages of support, especially if people could send them to us [] and the Vice Chancellor [] at the same time. And we would love for people to come and visit. It is a little bit difficult to get in, but we've got thirty people in so far. If people can bring supplies and food, that would be great. If you can't visit us, please try and visit one of the other occupations happening near you. There have been eighteen overall around the country, even if some of them are concluded. Also, read up on Gaza, that's far more important than us. And donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee, and Medical Aid for Palestine. We are going to set up a mechanism whereby people can donate through us, so we can see how much money we have been able to raise for Gaza by occupying."

These guys are doing a great job, so please help them in whatever way you can. Meanwhile, via Solomon's Mindfield, you can watch some interviews with the students who are in occupation on ITV.