Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yes you can hate the rich.

I am tempted to offer Jeremy Corbyn the same advice I offered the Greens: you need to hate more.

You're not called upon to be a nice guy, to be reasonable, to play the boring parliamentary game of civilised politics.  You are called upon to preach.  Yours is an evangelical mission, to change the political and ideological culture in this stupid, backward, cretinous country.  We need fire.  We need serious, fire and brimstone exhortation. 

When they, the ubiquitous they, the ten-a-penny bourgeois journalists and hacks, say to you, "so you want to raise taxes to the levels of the bad old days?", tell them you want to hammer the rich until they piss blood.  Tell them the bankers who have wrecked millions of peoples lives need to be taxed into the ground, the full six feet under.  Tell them, and tell the people, that under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership the rich would be squeezed like a sponge to water the gardens of the poor.

Yes you can, Jeremy. Yes. You. Can.