Monday, June 15, 2015

The casualties of Fortress Europe.

Given today's damning Amnesty report on the 'neglect' by 'world leaders' of refugees, I just want to put something in perspective.  

In the case of the EU, it is not so much a 'conspiracy of neglect', as Amnesty calls it, as a range of policies - 'illegal pushback', detention camps, Operation Triton - which are supposedly intended to fortify the frontiers of Fortress Europe.  The drastic increase in deaths at sea in the Mediterranean can be traced largely to the tightening of such policies.  And remember the EU's response to the deaths at sea: they wanted to bomb somewhere.  

Yet, given that the effects of this relative to the scale of immigration to Europe are actually negligible - since most migrants arrive by air, with a visa, to work - these restrictions can't be interpreted as being, in any direct sense, about 'controlling numbers'.  In Farageite terms, I would suggest that this is about 'quality not quantity'.  

That is, EU states are engaged in a loosely coordinated range of policies designed to brutalise migrants, not to significantly reduce the flow of migration, but to maintain and entrench the existing pattern whereby European employers are serviced with the labour they require but Europe is not burdened by the wretched of the earth.

More detail in the embedded video.