Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Socialist strategy: talk in Ljubljana

Look.  Look at me in Mladina.  Squee.  Oh, shut up, you're just jel.

There is no small irony in me being asked to speak about something as nebulous as 'socialist strategy' to a group of beautiful and sophisticated young Slovenian leftists who actually might win governmental power in the not-too-distant future, when all of my reflections on the subject arise from perplexity and defeat and constant brushing up against the limits of strategy.

I mean, to have a strategy you have to have some weapons, some possible moves, somewhere to go. Most of the time, we on the British left are waiting for something to happen. In Slovenia, as I say, they are far more advanced, and at the point of having to concretise these thoughts, and in some senses convert it into the language of policymaking. Still, I would never pass up the chance to explain our British impasse to a foreign crowd. Perhaps when they've taken power they can send help.