Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hope is precious: it must be rationed.

Hope is precious: it must be rationed... 

Comrades. Some of you will have got wind of a project initiated by China Miéville (art editor), Rosie Warren (editor-in-chief), Jamie Allinson, Magpie Corvid, Charlotte Bence, myself (contributing editors), and others to launch a new magazine, called Salvage. We are finally ready to go, after much painstaking labour.

As the title and the appeal video suggests, we are out to 'salvage' what can be recovered from our post-left desert and help the patient work of reconstituting a habitable and, at long last, viable left.

We do so with the help of Benjamin Kunkel, Morgane Merteuill, Jordana Rosenberg, Alberto Toscano, Trish Kahle, Neil Davidson, Mark Bould, Joana Ramiro, Robert Knox, Laura Oldfield Ford, Pablo Mukherjee, Mary Robertson, Daniel Hartley, Gareth Brown, Nicholas Beuret, Kunle Weizman, Season Butler, Louis Bayman, Caitlin Doherty, Karen Mirza, Andrea Gibbons, Jen Izaakson, "and many more" to begin with.

We need more help. This cannot be done without money. And there is no point in doing it if it is just to become another forgettable left roundtable with formulaic concerns and answers, with a dull as dishwater aesthetic, and with a lifelessly 'worthy' approach to leftism. We need ten grand to start, and we're offering many fabulous trinkets and gifts in return for your donations.

Salvage for victory! Make this happen.