Friday, September 27, 2013

In which I am denounced by Golden Dawn

I wrote this.  Golden Dawn, who I think some of you may know as Greek Nazi scum, didn't like it.  They wrote this (rough Google translation):

A publication, indicating PARASTATE mechanism that moves in recent days against the Golden Dawn, played continuously from the websites of the regime leaves and channels, showing clearly in what becomes suspicious. The original article from the newspaper of the City of capitalists, "Guardian" and shows clearly the role of specific embassies in whole operation degradation of the Golden Dawn. It is worth noting before anything else that the publication of Marxist journalist - site owner "Lenin's Tomb" - saw the light of day yesterday, which is particularly important as you will find.
We give the first two contentious apospasmataprin move into analysis of his sayings: "although the main base of support remains in single digits and has fallen", "the only way the left is to render it useless, hampering operations."
The creepy the whole affair is that the journalist does not stay in the revelation of the plan rigged polls, but go even further, revealing the entire project terrorism against the Golden Dawn. As mentioned in the epilogue features is that "the only way the Left is to prevent the activities of the Golden Dawn."

"Parastate mechanism... Marxist journalist... City of capitalists... terrorism against the Golden Dawn". You get the gist.  Can we get a decent translation and stick this on the next book jacket?