Thursday, August 08, 2013

Don't Ban This Filth

In which I venture into the perilous terrain of David Cameron and pr0n:

  A young person trawling any pornographic search engine on the internet can be exposed to some shocking material, so I hear.  Men with their heads in laundry baskets, sniffing undies and pulling themselves off while being whipped.  Lesbian menstruation fetishism.  Gothic sex scenes with implied necrophilia.  Amateur couples cranking and leaping about on the sofa with smug looks on their faces.  Male strippers having cream licked off their thingies.  Shoes being submissively, whimperingly, tongue-washed by crisply presented trans* women.  Gay men pretending to be ‘cop’ and ‘suspect’.  Burly shaved men getting well humped up the bum with a strap on. 
  But pornography also has a dark side...