Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review of Unhitched

Speaking of PR flackery, I am grateful to Doug Enaa Greene for this review of Unhitched:

So what are we to make of Hitchens? Seymour offers this as a closing argument:
He found, as he might have suspected, that being on the right side of history in this sense was to gain more influence and pecuniary advantage than ever before. He succumbed to almost every craven, supine, and bigoted impulse he possessed and, while despatching the false gods of other believers, adopted a devotional attitude towards his adopted land. He became “a living and ignominious satire on himself” (p. 110).
Having sat through the prosecution’s case, one can merely mutter of Christopher Hitchens, “the guilty bastard”.

The title of the review is a perfect summary, I feel.