Monday, November 19, 2012


According to The Daily Beast's Emily Hauser, these Israeli students spontaneously broke into chants of "Death to Arabs" after singing the national anthem. She points out that this is at Haifa University, where there is a relatively large body of Palestinian students. Oh, they'll be just fine.

This in a country where it is normal to speak of Gaza being 'reformatted' (meaning, in a sense, erase its contents); where a national newspaper can run this Nazi-style drivel calling for a Hiroshima-style blitz in Gaza; where politicians can threaten to bring a 'Holocaust' to Gaza, or threaten to bomb it back to the Middle Ages; where the majority favour apartheid (whatever polite euphemism Ha'aretz chooses to give it) if not worse; where the government can pass a 'loyalty oath' bill demanding that non-Jewish residents of Israel swear allegiance to Israel as a Jewish State (meaning that Israeli Arabs must foreswear their right to oppose this racist settlement). The few Israeli Leftists and peaceniks trying to resist this deluge are brave, but one wonders what chance they have. Israeli imperialism is a constant pressure to the Right; toward fascism, in fact. Even the promise of the Occupy movement seems to fade in light of the extraordinary recrudescence of hysterical barbarism in Israel every time they get a taste of Palestinian blood.