Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just to point out, I figured out that the best way to overcome the problem with the comments was to shift to a new domain.  If you recall, the issue has been caused by the fact that Google insisted on introducing new country-specific URL codes for Blogspot blogs, ending in .co.uk, .co.ca, .co.au, etc., depending on where you accessed the blog from.  This meant that an individual post might have several URL codes.  Disqus, the comments service I use, would then treat each version as a separate article with a separate comments thread.  There's no good reason that I can see for Google having imposed this change without allowing any opt-out.  But that's what you get with a free service.  So, the solution I have decided upon is to purchase a new domain, www.leninology.com.  From now on, you should in theory find yourself being redirected to this domain if you try to access via www.leninology.blogspot.com, but it would be easier for you just to bookmark the new URL.  This does involve a 'year zero' for comments, until I can get Disqus to 'migrate' the threads.  But in the long term it will solve the problem with the comments thread and also give us internet 'personhood' about ten years after everyone else.