Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Tories are weak - and they know it

Look at this debate between Harriet Harman and Michael Gove:

Gove's bulge-eyed incredulity gives the game away. He knows he's weak on the cuts, and Harman knows it too. They're both playing the game, pretending there's absolutely no connection between the riots and the Tories' attacks on working class communities. But it's a common sense out there that there is such a connection. And Harman is quite intelligently playing on that without admitting it (she can't possibly, or the media will eat her alive).  But this should tell you something: when the smoke clears, and the rubble is swept away, when the siege mentality erodes and the hysteria fades, when the plastic bullets and water cannons are slipped into the figurative back pocket of the police for future use against protesters, one thing that will become patently obvious is the inadequacies of this government and it's complete lack of legitimacy.  Yes, these riots have opened up a pathway for reactionaries and racists of all stripes.  But the government certainly won't come out of this debacle looking good.