Saturday, February 05, 2011

Mubarak resigns from NDP

So, the NDP was, like Ben Ali's ruling party, the RCD, until recently an affiliate of the Socialist International. Uh huh. But now it's been expelled. More significantly, Mubarak and the leaders of the NDP have just stepped down. Why? Does this mean Mubarak is on the way out? Well:

Robert Springborg, professor of national security affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School, said the army was manipulating the situation by dragging out a resolution of the crisis.

He said the army's aim was to focus the anger of the uprising against Mubarak rather than the military.

It's political jujitsu on the part of the military to get the crowd worked up and focused on Mubarak and then he will be offered as a sacrifice in some way. And in the meantime the military is seen as the saviours of the nation.

The military will engineer a succession. The west – the US and EU – are working to that end.
We are working closely with the military … to ensure a continuation of a dominant role of the military in the society, the polity and the economy."

Update: just as soon as I'd posted this, it emerged that Arab television broadcasts did not confirm Mubarak's resignation as head of the NDP. The story may be disinformation.