Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too many people

This is just a sort of bookmark, a place to return to when this subject comes up again, as it assuredly will. On a par with climate change, soaring food prices, overproduction and recession, it is apparently a global catastrophe of world-historical significance: overpopulation. To be more precise: excessive breeding among the poor. The link merely contains a recent example of what is routinely available in the mass media - after having been prepared by academics and thinktanks. Imagine the horror:

Friendly governments may be pushed out of power because they were unable to grow their economies to keep pace with population increases; wars between countries over food and land in strategic regions of the world will test our will as peacekeepers; and catastrophic weather events hitting over populated countries are certain to create desperate calls for American assistance. This may indeed be what the world of 2050 looks like when the population hits 9 billion.

Is it just the capitalist crisis, or was it always normal for a new version of this ruling class propaganda to be pumped out every week? This was supposed to be a Swiftian satire on the ruthlessness of capital and its solutions to its production problems, but it now seems redundantly obvious. Because this argument about population is, and always has been, nothing other than a prophalyxis, intended to deflect radical left-wing critique. Such as:

"Capitalist development has always been unsustainable because of its human impact. To understand this point, all we need to do is take the viewpoint of those who have been and continue to be killed by it. A presupposition of capitalism's birth was the sacrifice of a large part of humanity - mass extermination, the production of hunger and misery, slavery, violence and terror. Its continuation requires the same presuppositions." - Mariarosa Dalla Costa