Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Comments policy

Just a quick note on the comments policy poll below. JS-Kit and Disqus have come to a near draw, with Disqus ahead by two votes. 64 prefer JS-Kit 'Echo', 66 prefer Disqus, and 53 people prefer Blogger. So, given your inability to make a simple decision, the big daddy has to come along and make it for you. In the long run, I can't stick with Echo, as it is pricing average users out of its service. The 'promo' service is still available to me for one more year, at $12. But the subscription costs rise to $120 a year after that - more if useage exceeds 100,000 page views per month. The explicit rationale for this is that what used to be Haloscan, a 'free' service for casual users, is becoming a high grade service for premium business users. Frankly, I think there are too many problems with Echo to justify this extraordinary price rise. And I'm not overly fond of their condescending, dismissive approach to customer service - least of all their practise of keeping a retinue of "JS-Kit Champs" in service. These are basically people who aren't officially employed by JS-Kit, but who spend most of their time perusing the threads on JS-Kits customer queries page, engaging in nerdish, fevered apologetics for the company and all of its works. This means that while the official employed staff provide incomplete or misleading information in curt answers, the the "champs" are at greater liberty to engage in more elevated polemics. Those challenging the extraordinary price rise, for example, were treated to a 'Tea Party' treatise on capitalism and the free market by one of the "champs". Given all this, I have to start to migrate to another system. So far I think Disqus works fine, contrary to some of the whinging. The one drawback is that it does not relate threads pre-Disqus to the relevant posts. Therefore, I'm sticking with Disqus, but I'm prepared to pay the $12 fee for one more year's use of the 'promo' version of Echo, which will work as an archive of past comments until we can get something better worked out. That is all.