Friday, August 06, 2010

Only a socialist vision can defeat the cuts

Andrew Fisher, joint secretary of the Labour Representation Committee, has the latest response to my cuts article:

Sometimes it’s hard to respond at length to an analysis you agree with. In such cases it’s best not to do so, for you end up nitpicking around the margins. Instead, it’s best to take that analysis and consider how to implement it.

So to build on Richard Seymour’s opening essay, let’s briefly recap what I took to be its main arguments:

• The current crisis of capitalism is deep-rooted, and the UK economic picture may worsen
• The coalition government is committed to deep cuts, ideologically targeted at undermining public services and the welfare state
• There is a need for immediate unity around ‘stopping the cuts’ and arguing that the cuts are not necessary – and were not caused by profligate public spending
• The campaign against cuts should be a “multi-party, multi-organisation, trade union-based united front” – in which trade unions must be central
• A return to the social democratic consensus – or old Labour – is impossible; New Labour was a resolution of that crisis (to the neoliberal right), yet the Party remains “rooted in the working class”

A simple united front campaign against cuts should be something around which most left activists groups and trade unions could unite...