Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A quick plug for the New Left Project

I have meant to draw readers' attention to this website for some time. Launched last year, the New Left Project has quickly developed an impressive catalogue of in-depth articles, book excerpts, and interviews which deserve a wide audience. From Colin Leys on the marketisation of politics to John Newsinger on imperialism, the site consistently boasts some of the most intelligent and urgently topical commentary on the internet. Not to be rude to the liberal conspirators, who are well worth reading, but I think the NLP has set a new bar for UK group websites with high-octane, consistently challenging commentary. If my nugatory techno-skills can manage the transaction, you will begin to see links to the NLP's latest articles appear regularly in the Lenosphere column in the sidebar. And you can count yourself lucky, you lucky, lucky things.