Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learning the ropes

Turns out that if you want to edit a major newspaper, the correct training ground is provided by football fan forums. There, under an anonymising moniker, you can puff up your chest and gas all macho about the blacks and women. For example, you could try out lines about kicking a "stupid bitch" "in the cnt", discuss how black people are "on average a little under 10 per cent thicker than whites; 15 per cent thicker than east Asians", and complain about "thousands of organisations catering exclusively to black and asian minorities." "**** 'em, close them down", you might add. "Why do blacks need a forum of their own? As a power base and cash cow for ****s and in order to perpetuate the myth of widespread discrimination". Given the degenerate culture of the British media, I'd expect its leading personnel to appear quite regularly in such forums. And imagine the possible zeniths of such cultural cross-fertilisation: a swearing contest between Rod Liddle, Roger Alton and Kelvin Mackenzie; Richard Littlejohn and Howard Jacobson debating the merits of Roy Chubby Brown's wanking and rape jokes; all of the above engaging Melanie Phillips in a discourse on 'golliwogs', Muslims and immigration. The coffee houses and salons of the Enlightenment have truly found their successors.