Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The fascist vote

Well, we wanted to know who BNP voters were, what social class they are from, what party they traditionally backed, and what they knew about the party they have now given their vote to. This poll report gives us some of the material we need. It seems to be in accord with the findings of the study published by the Democracy Audit some years back, in the respect that the majority of BNP voters are Tories, not disaffected Labour voters. The twist in the tale is that they are from formerly solid Labour areas. They are people whose parents voted Labour, even if they never have. They work in manufacturing jobs, read tabloids, and are most likely to be discontented about their incomes, (and about their overall lot in life). Now, we had been told somewhat pontifically by some that the economic crisis, and the MPs expenses scandal, would lead to working class Labour supporters backing the far right. This was patronising, and it turns out not to be the case. Labour voters stayed at home or voted for some leftish substitute: by and large, they didn't vote for the right.

Further, the report tells us something about the political attitudes of BNP supporters. 94% want all immigration stopped. 72% of them support 'voluntary repatriation'. That's about 700,000 people behind that flagship BNP policy - I'd like to know what they think would amount to the government 'encouraging' such 'voluntary repatriation'. Bribes? Discrimination in the workplace? Well, there's a clue in that half of BNP voters want employers to discriminate on the grounds of race. 58% of their voters believe that most crime is committed by immigrants. Most of their voters are not signed up to the BNP's wholesale Holocaust-denial, although a disproportionate number of them are. So, what we are seeing is not so much support for the BNP's illicit Nazism, but rather support for segregation, racial privilege, 'soft' ethnic cleansing, and authoritarianism. I need hardly say that this is itself a significant menace and challenge. It is on the basis of such reactionary views that fascists have always built up support. And it is this layer of 'soft' racists whom the BNP seek to cultivate, draw in and convert to fascism proper. This is the process we need to interrupt.