Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

After the factory occupation by Prisme workers ended with victory last week, I am hearing from various people that the Visteon workers have effectively won their dispute. Happy May Day.

Update: Victory confirmed:

The workers used to be employed by Ford until 2000 and were sacked at the end of last month. Ford tried to avoid its responsibilities, claiming that it owed the workers nothing.

But workers’ action has forced Ford to offer hundreds of thousands of pounds in redundancy packages. Many workers will get £40,000 or more. It is one of the biggest payouts that Ford has ever offered.

Unite union reps are recommending that workers accept the offer. They are due to vote on it later today.

Levent Adnan worked at the Enfield site for over 17 years. “This is a massive result for us,” he told Socialist Worker. “We’ve managed to beat a massive corporation. Ford and Visteon have had their fingers burnt.

“The threat of taking action to Ford was the turning point. This offer sets a new benchmark too – if Ford try to sack workers elsewhere they won’t be able to just do it and give people nothing.

“People can see now that if you put up a strong enough fight you can win. This is a victory for workers and it’s about time we won something.”