Thursday, March 05, 2009

Appeal for Bookmarks

I have heard that Bookmarks is experiencing its own, painful credit crunch at the moment, and needs to raise approximately ten grand in a very short period of time. Bookmarks is one of the few socialist bookshops in the UK, contains a lot of material that you would otherwise find hard to get hold of including specialist labour journals and so on (partly because they are official booksellers to the TUC), and almost always has decent left-wing books before the mainstream bookshops do. It's also not a bad place for finding out-of-print books, as well as almost-new ones, in the second hand section. And Bookmarks also, in case you missed it, hosted my book launch: if you don't help out, the next one might be held at Speakers' Corner (I jest, of course - the 'Jesuits for Hare Krishna' people wouldn't give up the spot anyway). You can use the appeal page to donate. However, if you can pledge a donation I would encourage you to let Bookmarks know. Give them a ring on 0207 637 1848, or send an e-mail to