Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weirdo nation

In this country, we do things differently. We have "show trials" without the requisite executions. We have a bailout with little real stimulus (notwithstanding Tory hysterics). We have the slow nationalization of the banks, even as the manic drive toward privatization and cuts in public services continues. We have a government supposedly determined to fight unemployment, while actively shedding jobs. We have a Prime Minister who apparently feels 'betrayed' by the bankers, but persists in giving them the greatest possible latitude because he is in awe of the rich. We have a Chancellor who thinks the economy is at a 60 year low, and a Treasury chief who thinks that we are faced with the worst recession in 100 years, and a government still basing policy on the preposterous idea that this will all be over by 2011 and that the people and policies that got us into this mess can get us out of it. We have the absurd fringe fetish of 'Red Toryism', which tries but fails to add a suggestion of principle to the constant vacillations of the Cameronites. We have polls showing that people don't believe a word Cameron says, think he's a lightweight, don't trust him with the economy, and yet 43% will give him their votes in 2010 because the alternative is Gordon fucking Brown. This is a weirdo nation.