Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jon Stewart on Gaza

I am not a big fan of Stewart, but he was great on Lebanon, and is brilliant on Gaza:

I think this, and other examples, represents a real shift in global political culture. I notice that the head of liberal Judaism in the UK dissociated himself from today's thankfully small pro-Israel demonstration, and instead decided to speak to a Muslim organisation. Also, note this: "I don’t buy the rationalizations any more. I’m so tired of the apologetics. How on earth will squeezing the life out of Gaza, not to mention bombing the living hell out of it, ensure the safety of Israeli citizens?". This is not a radical position, but nor is it the first time I have heard such sentiments issued by Jewish commentators previously loyal to Israel. Gaza, this time, really is the last straw for large numbers of people. It's important to recognise that, as I keep hearing, a rubicon has been crossed.