Sunday, May 04, 2008

Resources of resistance

A few excellent new resources for readers of LT. First of all, for those involved in the fightback against the Tories in London, Boris Watch is hopefully going to be a useful source of information. Second of all, for those watching the US electoral train crash and the economic collapse that is sure to produce some tough struggles in the coming months and years, the new US Socialist Worker website is looking good, and has some star material including from John Pilger and others. I don't know if they're updating regularly throughout the week like our own UK Socialist Worker (where you can find a solid analysis of the latest election results), but if you want insight on last week's shocking verdict on Sean Bell, or on the recent SEIU fiasco, it's got the goods. I see the website is also promoting an ISR article on the Mahalla revolt by my Egyptian comrade Hossam el-Hamalawy. Incidentally, he will be useful for those of you wanting to know about the effects of world food prices on the struggle against the Egyptian dictatorship (Mubarak is looking seriously threatened). For news on Haiti, where the riots and street battles with UN occupiers are reaching a zenith on account of food prices, I would check out Any other good resources you think of, post them in the comments boxes.