Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Britain's Muslims too Extreme": a mountebank whines.

Dr Barham Salih of the PUK, deputy prime minister of Iraq, has said that he is "shocked" by the level of extremism among British Muslims:

After visiting mosques in Lancashire, Dr Salih said: "I am not surprised that you British are facing so many problems with extremists after what I saw in those mosques in Blackburn. What I saw would not be allowed in Iraq – it would be illegal."

Very well, then. What sort of things would be allowed in Iraq?

Torture, rape with chemical lights, death by drill, Palestinian hanging, electrocution, burning, tearing off strips of skin, beating, etc etc. No, they don't allow any of that in Blackburn. Perhaps that's what's ailing us. We need a bit of torture in public life to control the restive populace.