Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strange affliction

There's some weird malady going about, called a credit crunch, an exogenous threat to the system, caused by fuck-knows-what. You can be sure it has no structural roots, no history to speak of, no precedents, nothing to tell us about the underlying biology of the global system, the way it survives, and the way it dies. On the contrary, it seems entirely random, striking with ungovernable intensity here, suddenly reappearing half way around the world, radiating through the south, then the north. Virologists have their theories, but no one is listening. Crucial vectors have been sealed off and declared safe, only to come under its pall again. Brutal culls are enforced - employees are suspected to be the source of the disease - but to no avail. Tony Robbins offers the power of positive thinking, but he is no match for the needed phagocytes. Soon, boys and girls, ladies and germs, the Pentagon may have its own theory about the origins of the horror. And then, biowarfare units will be despatched to Tehran, or Damascus, or whatever God-forsaken hole of evil-doers is infecting our water supply with this menace. Don't you remember liquid terror on the planes? It is global decadence, courtesy of a local bearer of the Al Qaeda franchise. With unyielding eschatological certainty, with the spark of divine revelation, no less, the White House spokesman will hold terrorism responsible.