Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Historical Materialism conference

Well, no one can pretend that we aren't faced with important theoretical arguments. Whether it's about imperialism and how to resist in the current conjuncture when it seems Dems and Reps are determined to whack Iran, or how to build a movement, or how to understand neoliberalism, or how to relate to Political Islam, it's all a matter of urgent inquiry and re-discovery at the moment. There's a brief description of the upcoming Historical Materialism conference here, and a full programme here[pdf]. Great speakers including the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, the economist and historian Robert Brenner, Gilbert Achcar, Domenico Losurdo, the very eloquent Gregory Elliot, David Harvey, Benno Teschke, Zizek, south-east London reprobate Owen Hatherley and Owen Miller. It covers everything from And you can register for a tenner (unwaged) or thirty quid (waged) here. Online registration closes shortly.