Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Labour's Red, white and blue hypocrisy.

Oh, nothing could be more English than hypocrisy, especially where racism is also involved. Here is Labour taking an entirely legitimate pop at the ridiculous Tory activist Lady Warsi a few days ago. Warsi decided that it would be a sensible thing to help the Tory vote by reassuring racist voters that they were eb-so-loot-lay raight abite thais dridful forriners. As the Fanonite puts it:

In the subcontinent an enduring form of street theatre has been the little monkey dressed in a frock and sun glasses whose performance includes several approximations of human behavior. The crowd always finds this attempt by a lower specie to transcend its animal essence quite endearing. A similar spectacle has accompanied colonialism in its various forms, except that in this instance it is merely another human with a perceived sense of inferiority that has tried to approximate the behavior of the Master Race. There are many things which are just not mentionable any more in civilized society. Therefore the ‘master race’ gets one brown, black or yellow — depending on the targeted constituency — to come dump on fellow ‘coloured’ people.

Yet, when a Labour MP, especially a crawling New Labourite like Phil Woolas, starts talking about pandering to the fascists, I remember three things: 1) Margaret Hodge (who was later defended by Oona King); 2) repeated attacks on Muslims by Jack Straw, Ruth Kelly, Tessa Jowell, Peter Hain, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair; 3) Woolas' own intervention in one of the 'veil rows' demanding that Aishah Azmi be sacked. Pandering to fascism is a bipartisan hobby of our political elite.