Thursday, September 27, 2007

The partition of Iraq

From Ireland, Palestine, India, and Cyprus to Yugoslavia, and beyond, the old imperial idea has never lost its appeal. I told you this would happen. Several times, I think I recall. Well, the Senate has passed a bill on a strongly bipartisan basis to partition Iraq into three autonomous zones. If this goes through and there is a serious effort to implement it, then the ethnic cleansing and civil wars you have seen to date will look like a teddy bears' picnic. As if everything else they have done in Iraq, from Fallujah to Blackwater, and everything in between, has not demonstrated how contemptible the claims of Iraqi sovereignty are, this confirms it. Iraqis didn't support the sectarian constitution, and they don't support partition, but no one in the American political class gives a shit. The only thing that can stop this is a stronger, truly national, resistance movement. Otherwise, its communalism and mass murder.