Thursday, September 27, 2007


Charlie Rose is a dickhead, Kushner is a terribly soft liberal, yet this is worth watching:

Kushner's politics are no longer marxist these days, but he is sufficiently irritating that his co-written script for Spielberg's film, Munich, annoyed the neocons. He pretended, understand, that the Palestinians were somehow human. His Kabul/Homebody wound up the bomb-Afghanistan crowd because, well, it pretended that the people of Afghanistan were something other than cave creatures. Oh sure, he's with the 'vote Dem or lose dem' wing if American politics, but he is far from unique on that front. If you haven't seen 'Angels in America', do so. The political riffs are the least of it: it is the musical samples, the wit, the handling of damaged, desiring human beings, the meeting between Roy Cohn and his spiritual nemesis, that will engage you. Here is some of Angels in America to start you off: