Thursday, August 09, 2007

Going Postal

I haven't written much about the postal strike, but it actually seems to have been having some success. Socialist Worker has carried frequent updates, reports and pictures from the picket lines, music videos (?), in-depth discussion of the issues behind the strike and exhortations to other workers to dare. There has been wildcat action across the country - no really, unofficial action almost spontaneously breaking out all over the country, usually due to management attempting to get them to handle scab mail or bullying staff members in an attempt to undermine the militancy. And the management looked pretty stupid when they tried to argue that workers should take a fucking whacking pay cut while they get secret bonuses. Now after four waves of strike action, it looks like management might have blinked. The strike has been suspended and talks are now taking place.

If the posties get what they're demanding, this will be a huge blow to Gordon Brown's attempt to suppress public sector pay, and it will be an enormous boost to nurses, teachers and civil servants who have also been told that they have to put up with pay cuts. I need hardly add that the implications of reduced public sector pay for private workers would potentially be very bad. So, no deal. If Brown wants to reduce inflation, he'll have to stick the fork into the executive pork barrel. He can cut Allan Leighton's pay for a start.