Sunday, July 08, 2007

The rolling wave of massacres continues...

35 slaughtered in one provinced, 108 in another, 25 killed here - they got sick of attacking weddings and have now turned to attacking funeral processions. Last week they wiped out forty-five people. Oh and, on a related note, 10,000 a month massacred in Iraq.

Well, that was the news, now it's time for a forecast. Red mist over parts of Baghdad this morning, clearing to reveal cloudless skies which should be visible from the ground floors of recently decapitated buildings. There will be angry gusts of blustery wind emanating from London, and a smattering of liberal hypocrisy over Palestine. The threat of nuclear-tipped warheads looms over Iran, while a cold front of racial apartheid sweeps through Australia. A touch of white plague will settle on poorer parts. The murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo will resume. The gulf stream will change course, which should lead to a touch of frost in the UK. Forest clearing and soil degradation will spread deserts across much of the global south. The sea will shortly rise to enclose thousands of square miles of land, and will only subside when every last sea creature has been netted, filleted, gently chewed, and sealed in Marks and Spencer packaging as party snacks. The planetary slum system is working its way, gently at first but with growing force and rapidity, across parts of Brazil, Nigeria and India, and then everywhere else as well. Eventually, someone will suggest overthrowing the system of capital accumulation on the grounds of its connections with weapons of mass destruction, terror, and human rights abuses. It will be added that we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.