Monday, July 16, 2007

Orange Order march in Basra

I was pointed by an e-mail correspondent to an interesting post at Slugger O'Toole, about an Orange Order march staged in Basra by some of the troops. I've nicked some of the pictures below (more at O'Toole's place, obviously), but an interesting bit of information cropped up in the comments section, where someone pointed out that the photographer could be identified as Private Dane Mackenzie, because the photographs were posted at his Bebo account. And there, he reveals some interesting predilections there. Oh, you know, the usual - he's prayd to be a Prawd, he's got oltra-foscist palatics, he laiks loyalist rayits (know whaddamean, laik?), and he wants to kill all the taigs. No surrandahr!

What fun. Where is an Iraqi insurgent when you need him? Where's three or four suicide bombers? I don't mean to glorify terrorism, I simply think the Iraqis should kill these pricks.