Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Turkey Invades Iraq.

It is being reported that thousands of Turkish troops have invaded northern Iraq, chasing Kurdish guerillas. After all the furore about dem Islams taking over Turkey, which was being used as an excuse for a potential coup, the military leadership has been building up the propaganda for an offensive into northern Iraq (via). There has been a huge build-up of tens of thousands of forces on the border with Iraq for months, overseen by US helicopters and observers (via). The Bush administration will undoubtedly have requested that this be a quick and limited operation, for the sake of keeping it below the radar of public attention, but I'd keep an eye on this one. The Turkish military has been straining at the leash, and the Kemalists have been very critical of Erdogan for not authorising an incursion sooner. Could get very nasty.

So, US imperialism supporters the Kurds, does it?