Monday, June 18, 2007

More kiddies killed in Afghanistan

Seven kids, who were massacred in an air strike, managed to make the news. But note the following pleas of ignorance:

"We are saddened by the innocent lives that were lost as a result of militants' cowardice," said Major Chris Belcher.

"This is another example of al-Qaida using the protective status of a mosque, as well as innocent civilians, to shield themselves."

Major Belcher said troops had watched the compound all day "and saw no indications there were children inside the building".

Right. We've been here before. Awe shucks, we didn't know, and the turrrsts used them children as shields. Yeah, but you blew up a mosque and a religious school: what are the odds? And since when, by the way, can two such buildings be seriously described as a fucking 'compound'? Oh, right, I forgot: "Yes, it is a civilian village, mud hut, like everything else in this country. But don’t say that. Say it’s a military compound. It’s a built-up area, barracks, command and control. Just like with the convoys: If it really was a convoy with civilian vehicles they were using for transport, we would just say hey, military convoy, troop transport."

Awe, but they didn't mean to kill the ickle childwen. 'Al Qaida' forced them to do it cuz thur cowards (whereas those who actually blow up schoolchildren from twenty thousand feet are known for their devout bravery). Fuck off.