Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square...

Look, I'm busy, I'm not even here really, but what do you reckon: obviously not the work of a professional, then? Why? Oh, I don't know: driving 'erratically' in front of a bunch of people in Haymarket, crashing into bins, running away from the car and leaving it out in the open so that people can see a gas cylinder inside it. And what animus could anyone possibly have against theatre-goers? Still apparently, it's a 'very serious incident'. The BBC explains:

John O'Connor, former commander of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad, told BBC News the incident bore all the "hallmarks" of a failed suicide bomb attempt. And it was "lucky" the police had received the tip-off .

No, see, in a suicide bomb... And I love this quote from an 'intelligence source': "All options, including the Irish, are open at this stage". I'm not sure that the entire Irish population on the planet is likely to have conspired in this fashion. There is also a curiously philosophical response from Jack Straw, who said it was "saddening" but "these things happen". Did April Fool come late this year? Des Brown, the new Defense Secretary, says: "My first reaction to this is, thank God that we have police and explosives experts who can make these devices safe, and the arrangements they appear to have done, and that nobody has been injured." Of course we have fucking police and explosives experts! And on BBC News 24, the phrase "terror fatigue" has been uttered by some vacuous presenter. Apparently, we are insufficiently terrified.

What on earth is going on? Why is everyone on the news talking such utter fucking rubbish?