Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another missed appointment with his maker

Of all the things they could have put Blair to do after he was preemptively fired by his party, of all the deranged notions that were floated - Blair as a 'faith ambassador', please - they came up with and settled on this idiocy. Why stop there? Why not put a Klansman in charge of race relations, a paedophile at the head of the Boy Scouts, and set up a Melvyn Bragg School for Cultural Excellence while we're at it? They have selected Tony Blair, the executioner of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, the co-sponsor of Israel's murderous attack on Lebanon, the arms dealer to the crooked Saudi dynasty, the detestable spear-carrier for the American Empire, and bag-carrier for Bush, to be the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East. The man is a disaster in general, and a catastrophe in specific. One strains to recount a single thing he has touched without debasing it or destroying it. Among his lesser victims was The Simpsons, but sure enough he fucked that up as well.

I don't doubt that it is a logical step for a body that has been casually starving the Palestinians into submission, or death, whichever comes first, while parts of it helped orchestrate a coup against their elected government (a policy known as 'democracy promotion'). Yet even they, I would have expected, must possess a sense of the inapt and the downright absurd. The only upside of this is that Blair isn't going to be a Member of Parliament any more. He thought, apparently, that he would try and find a niche where he is more popular than in the UK. The lousy bastard might have tried hell - they like his sort there.