Friday, June 01, 2007

Accurate, profound, in-depth report featured on the BBC.

Don't get me wrong (or do, if you like, I genuinely don't care), I do hope Alan Johnston survives and is released by this 'Army of Islam' groupuscule that has kidnapped him. I hope his colleagues and co-workers continue to show him utmost solidarity, and I am glad to see that Palestinians have protested and struck on his behalf. However, the reason I haven't said anything about is so far is that as a rule, I can't stand the kinds of people who've been supporting him in bloggery, and I can't stand these narcissistic impotent little 'stands' that people take (as if anything you put on your blog means a fuck). Furthermore, I had a hunch - a tiny, but growing one - that a video would eventually come out. It did, and it confirms my suspicions. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, comrades and friends, I hate to say it but it's a sad day when a BBC reporter has to be kidnapped to get a decent report out of them.