Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Pining.

Here's Johnny. Allow me to summarise the contents of this tear-drenched snot-fest: He's gone, he's gone, the bastards have done him in. The Labour Party, the fucking Labour Party only got rid of "a global statesman of such stature, a national leader of such articulacy and a social reformer of such energy", ending "one of the finest governments of modern British history", "one of the most successful and long-lasting left-wing governments in the developed world". They don't care the b-b-bastards! They've lost "the will to live". They'll be sorry! You'll be sorry. He'll be "rehabilitated", you mark my words. Feckin will n all. I loved that man. He couldn't bring himself to leave, cos it was like a teen romance, it was. "Too damn good for the lot of them", that Blair is. Sniffle.