Saturday, May 26, 2007

Only 14% of British public support war

While The Guardian and Observer go out of their way to prettify Blair's characteristically narcissistic exit with claims that he'll be missed and loved and all of that shit, Angus Reid polls find that support for the war is at its lowest ebb:

Which, if any, of the following statements comes closest to your own view about the war in Iraq?

I supported the war and I support it now: 11%

I supported the war but do not support it now: 22%

I did not support the war but I support it now: 3%

I did not support the war and I do not support it now: 61%

It would be 11%, but there's 3% of Britons who are so sick that they refused to support the war until it became particularly catastrophic. 17% approve of Blair's handling of the war, which means that 3% of Britons oppose the war, yet remain convinced that Blair is smashing. Freaks. Also encouraging to note that a large number of those who told pollsters they supported the war while the invasion was in progress now deny ever having done so, as well they might.