Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goldman Sachs bumpkin billionaire is new World Bank chief.

Take a look at this numbnuts. Talk about credentials! Big-time PNACer, former Enron advisor former Bush official, current member of the Trilater Commission, current Goldman Sachs chairman and managing director, and now head of the World Bank as appointed by George W. Bush. According to this profile piece, Zoellick is not a true believer when it comes to neoconservatism, despite being known as a "free-trade" evangelist. Rather, like Condi, he wants efficient American power, and keeps his eye decidedly on the welfare of American capital. And he's got brass balls. After the obliteration of Fallujah he went there to preach about "self-reliance". That's in the middle of a city of refugees with half the houses destroyed, the infrastructure torn to shreds, sewage everywhere, filthy water, corpses, the still-smoking rubble, kids living on charity in tents. And this guy goes and meets some greasy little marionettes who absolutely abase themselves in front of him, and he says: "People like you will be the key to Iraq's future, not the US. It's your country. We can help but you have to make it happen." Oh, you're gonna love this guy.