Friday, April 20, 2007

A note on those neocon conspirators.

So, if it isn't the Israel Lobby, it's the fucking neocons, who almost entirely overlap. They are the evil ones responsible for overthrowing decades of sensible American foreign policy according to a widespread liberal and paleoconservative critique. Okay, then, one thing merely. Explain Saudi Arabia. Practically a common stipulation of most neocons is that Saudi Arabia be 'dealt with', either by being ostracised or by being bombed or by some careful extrication. This is not only because they are racist fuckwits, nor is it only because Israel has some measure of local competition with Saudi Arabia. It is because the fact that Saudi Arabia, by far the most repressive state in the whole system, makes a mockery of their claim to principled opposition to 'totalitarianism'. So if the neocons direct US foreign policy, why is the Saudi regime still locked in a cluster-fuck with American power?