Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New divisions on the American right.

I had no idea it had come this far. An extremely right-wing hawk like Joe Scarborough, sits down with other hawks like Joe Klein (a 'liberal', pffft), Pat Buchanan and Michael Crowley from the pro-imperialist New Republic, and - every one of them except Buchanan a war supporter from the start - all diss Bush and his war, and his 'surge' policy. They're particularly irked that Bush's spokesman has slandered a Republican congressman who was critical of the war's execution. I only raise this as an anecdotal example, since it reflects in a mediated fashion the divisions in the American ruling class itself. The success of the Iraqi resistance in depriving the US of stable hegemony in the country, and driving its troops out of huge areas, has compounded and intensified the growing domestic revolt. And it has left much of the American political establishment thinking that it's no longer worth the effort. Watch: