Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"We the American Holy Warriors Have Arrived".

The GWB administration has none of the charms of the FDR one and is packed with people who regret much of Roosevelt's legacy, and yet I expect this appeal, from FDR in Arabic, raises a wistful sigh in the White House:

Praise be unto the only God. In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful. O ye Moslems.
O ye beloved sons of the Maghreb. May the
blessing of God be upon you.

This is a great day for you and us, for all the sons
of Adam who love freedom. Our numbers are as
the leaves on the forest tress and as the grains of
sand in the sea.

Behold. We the American Holy Warriors have arrived.
We have come here to fight the great Jihad of Freedom.

We have come to set you free. We have sailed across
the great sea in many ships, on many beaches we are
landing, and our fighters swarm across the sands and
into the city streets, and into the wide country sides,
and along the highways.

Light fires on the hilltops; shout from your housetops,
and from the high places, and say the sound of the
drum be heard in the land, and the ululation of the
women, and the voices even of small children.

Assemble along the highways to welcome your brothers.

We have come to set you free.

Speak with our fighting men and you will find them
pleasing to the eye and gladdening to the heart.
We are not as some other Christians whom ye have
known, and who trample you under foot. Our soldiers
consider you as their brothers, for we have been reared
in the way of free men. Our soldiers have been told
about your country and about their Moslem brothers
and they will treat you with respect and with a friendly
spirit in the eyes of God.

Look in their eyes and smiling faces, for they are Holy
Warriors happy in their holy work. Greet us therefore
as brothers as we will greet you, and help us.

If we are thirsty, show us the way to water. If we lose
our way, lead us back to our camping places. Show us
the paths over the mountains if need be, and if you see
our enemies, the Germans or Italians, making trouble
for us, kill them with knives or with stones or with
any other weapon that you may have set your hands upon.

Help us as we have come to help you, and rich will be
the reward unto us all who love justice and righteousness
and freedom.

Pray for our success in battle, and help us, and God
will help us both.

Lo, the day of freedom hath come.

May God grant his blessing upon you and upon us.

-- Roosevelt