Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Those Special Police Commandos.

Don't kid yourselves that these guys operate independently of the occupiers. The US army brags of its role in forming these commandos and rewards those who lead them:

The Distinguished Service Cross – second only to the Medal of Honor in military decorations – has been awarded to U.S. Army Col. James H. Coffman Jr. for his role in leading Iraqi Special Police Commandos through a 5 ½-hour battle against insurgents trying to overrun an Iraqi police station.

Flanked by the commando unit Coffman fought with, U.S. Army Gen. George Casey, commander of Multi-National Forces–Iraq, pinned the cross and eagle medal on Coffman’s body armor during an Aug. 24 ceremony at Adnon Palace in Baghdad’s International Zone. Iraq’s Minister of Interior, Bayan Jabr, and a number of other high-ranking Iraqi and Coalition leaders also attended the ceremony.

As I've pointed out before, the US hired the former DEA man Steven Casteel to help construct the Iraqi Interior Ministry and to co-found the Special Police Commandos, under the leadership of a former Baathist general. As Casteel explained:

We created the commandos, a higher end police capability, a paramilitary organization and the U.S.'s idea and Gen. Casey's approach to this is let's put our mentors in there, military mentors in there and let's teach this leadership what they need to know.

The most brutal sector of these commandos, the Wolf Brigades, put its unique brutality to work in counterinsurgency operations alongside the American army in Mosul, before going on to present a television series called Terror in the Hands of ustice on the American-run television channel Al Iraqiya.

How can I put this to you - could they have their fingers stuck further up these puppet's arses in order that we might stop pretending that these fuckers are somehow operating as mutinous para-state elements with no backing from the occupiers?