Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stop them before they kill again.

So, the crew that shot Menezes strikes again. Like the shootings of Derek Bennett, Harry Stanley, Dairmuid O'Neill and many others, this will be found to have been a legal shooting quickly, and the gun men will be sent on holiday. Who knows, the police might even be telling the truth when they say the guy they shot was firing at them. The legal scope for police violence has been broadened, and I would be surprised if they hadn't managed to surreptitiously knock off a few more people than usual in the last couple of years. During New Labour's first term in office, the police killed about 300 people, most of them in custody. Between April 2004 and March 2005, about 100 died as a result of police action. Aside from deaths resulting from asphyxiation positions, violent altercations and wilful neglect of those needing treatment, there are a huge number of deaths that result from lawless police driving.

So, the answer would seem to be to take guns out of their hands, take their cars away, stop them from interacting with people as far as possible... house arrest, perhaps.